Cluster-type DTH hammer to counterpart high construction cost and high energy consumption

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     DTH hammer is specialized for drilling rocks, which is applied more and more widely for foundation construction. Long auger drill with DTH hammer solves the problem of long spiral hard to get into the rock. Rotary drilling rig combined with DTH hammer is rotary into the rock. With DTH hammer, you can replace and exchange small bad hammer, quickly disassemble as well as easily maintain to avoid the overall scrapped hammerhead, thus saving costs. Moreover, due to multi controls of hammer speed and area the service life is prolonged and the rock drilling is faster. Hainan Zhongke Hongyu is a Branch of Guangdong Zhongke Zhenyu. Zhenyu’s DTH hammer widely used achieves the maximization of customer value

     Zhongke Hongyu provides long spiral, and its rotary excavator is equipped with DTH hammer in pile foundation construction, which is a one-stop service.The best overall solution of DTH hammer rock drilling is provided, with DTH hammer drilling head, hexagonal connector jackrod, atomized lubricator, three-ring gear or planetary power head, as well as anti-vibration motor high-pressure duct. The company provides rental, sales and sharing of DTH hammer driller and high-pressure air compressor.
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