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Hot sale rent share 90KW vibrating percussive hammer

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With the further scale of our infrastructure development, especially some operation of large basic engineering, which has provided capacious space for hydraulic vibratory hammer, and make it become indispensable equipment. Such as larger deep foundation project, large tube pile construction and construction of large steel sheathing tube, soft base and rotary rig equipped project, high speed railway and basic road construction project, reclamation project and sand pile construction in treatment, moreover includes municipal construction project, tube construction, sewage treatment and support and retaining works.

There are various vibrating hammer in Guangzhou Zhenyu, such as spring vibrating hammer and electro-mechanical vibrating hammer and so on, with the model of 22 KW, 45KW and 90KW.

Guangzhou Zhenyu vibratory hammer has the characteristics of big power and high frequency, manufacturers directly sale, rent and share.

We have been widely praised by high reliability, high-tech content, good reputation, reasonable price and excellent after services.

The vibrating pile hammer can be divided into two categories. The first one is to use rotary vibrator, which means to produce vibration through the rotary operation of eccentric axis (a shaft whose center of gravity does not coincide with the center of rotation or an axis with an eccentric block); Another is reciprocating vibrator, which hydraulic oil drives piston to repeatedly produce vibration in cylinder. When adopt rotary vibrator, if its driving device is motor, then it is electric vibrating pile hammer; if its driving device is hydraulic motor, then it is hydraulic vibrating pile hammer. This hydraulic vibrating hammer has widely applied in China, some of them are imported and some are domestic. When use the vibrating pile hammer of rotary vibrator, well, several and dozens of units can be connected to synchronize vibration for super large precast pile construction.

What should be paid attention to when using a vibrating hammer

  Vibratory hammer has the characteristics of strong infusion force, good quality pile, reliable durability, less problem, confortable use, strong power adaptation and low noise, etc. 

 When start to vibrate, it will use electric bell or other methods to transmit signal to inform people to leave.When vibrating pile rig with water injection, suction mud sinking, the related personnel should be contacted first and take cared each other.

    1. 1.    When vibrating pile rig with water injection, suction mud sinking, the related personnel should be contacted first and take cared each other.
      1. 1.   Vibrating hammer and pile cover, pile cover and hollow tube pilesurface need to even, and coupling bolt need to tighten and check whether loosen or not often.
        1. 1.      The operation of vibrating hammer should gradually from low gear to high gear. 
          1. 1.      Vibratory hammer should closely pay attention to the condition of current and voltage on the control panel during operation. If find something unusual, should stop the machine and check immediately.
          1. 1.      Check whether bearing temperature and bearing cap screw,  and strictly check eccentric iron joint screw are loosen or not to prevent accidents.
            1. 1.      Workers should wear safety belt when jointing long string or installing pile hat.
              1. 1.      The maintenance of machinery must be strictly inhabited during the vibratory operation.  

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